Hi, I'm Sultan 👋

The founder of 'Sully's Academy' & a full-time day trader. I started day trading in 2022 whilst studying to become a doctor. Starting trading was going to be a side hustle experiment for youtube, but surprisingly I really really liked it.

I realised the potential in day trading, compared to the other side hustles I had tried in the past and how it can completely change my life. Though I loved the idea of being a doctor, the freedom from being an entrepreneur had my heart. So I decided to completely focus on that for an entire year. By the end of 2023, I had mastered trading, became a 6-figure funded trader and launched Sully's Academy.​

Fast forward to today -  
- I have let go of my ambition to become a doctor (sorry mum 😅), to become an entrepreneur
- The academy has more than 2000+ students learning how to also become financially free by mastering the best skill on the planet 🤯​

I've documented the my entire financial journey and a funded challenge series were I passed a 50K challenge from Day 1 to Funded. All of this can be found on youtube

‍​See you inside, Sultan