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Great Live streams. Helped me get funded in 2 months and i made a withdrawal! Highly Recommended!


Joined about a month ago and so far, everything has been amazing fr. you can really tell sully is dedicated to helping and i love that all my questions get answered and the live webinars actually teach what i need to know in depth. I’m not a review typa person but from youtube to discord - the quality of service & transparency has been excellent. i appreciate it a lot.


Sully's Academy has taught me so much about getting started with trading, such as backtesting, supply and demand and the importance of risk management. Definitely worth the purchase!


Thanks for these lessons, bro. I've been marking supply and demand zones that do not have FVG, and when that zone is not holding, I would question myself and start to feel like my strategy is not working. And I used to set and forget trades, but now I see that you wait for a rejection candle once the zone has been tapped, which is a game changer for me. This free course is really worth watching. Once again thanks bro.


Yeahhhhhh i can't lie Sully's academy is the BEST i have been in. The free value is exceptional. Just got rewarded with a free 1 moth VIP subscription too so that just going to be 100x better


Great place to learn how to trade. In depth breakdowns of strategies, live streams and 1-1 support. 10/10


I learnt these three key points in a day, and the following day I implemented the only to hit my biggest win this year I am so grateful for the opportunity and the hope you have provided me Sully. I had just blown my yesterday from CPI and the next day with your technical skills I am fighting to get back my money.


Sultan is always there when we need him. His course is easy to understand and got me back into trade within 2 weeks. Looking forward to passing my funded challenge and using his trading strategy to take my finances to a new level


Sully is such a great teacher! I’ve learnt so much through his YouTube channel & I’m so glad I joined the academy too. As a beginner to side hustles/trading, the webinars are very beginner friendly & informative. Seeing lots of progress in my personal endeavours & I can’t wait to see more from the academy!


If there’s one man who knows what he’s doing it’s sully. His extensive knowledge is shown in his courses and the way he mentors, brilliant at explaining and helping out and is always open to questions I feel this course is a valuable investment to all who inspire to make money and be successful.


Watched silly’s vids YouTube and thought he was good. So I brought his course. The way he breaks down each and every part of the trade, makes everything so much easier. I’m not trying to glaze. But I’ve been doing/failing for a year and in just 1 week. I’m up 20%. No glazing business but it’s proof that not all superheroes wear capes.


I certainly recommend Sully’s course to traders of all levels. Much better and clearer than any other course I have invested in. Proud member!

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The course comprehensively delves into Sully's strategy, breaking it down into easily digestible bits from start to finish.

Trading Journal Template

Get lifetime access to Sully's backtesting template. Record your backtests and live trades. Get monthly reports & more

Exclusive Trading Chat Room

Get access to Sully's mentorship group to network with like-minded traders with the same goals as you.

Personalised Trade Feedback

Gain access to Sully's exclusive questions channel where every question will not go unanswered.

Live Trade Ideas

Gain access to Sully's live trade Ideas, complete with entry, stop-loss and take profit levels.

Monthly Prizes

Gain access to a reward system where individuals receive prizes such as: 1-on-1 sessions, free mentorship access & more!

+140 Student Reviews

#1 Academy For All Things Supply & Demand Trading

⚡️Just Price Action | 🗓️ 90% Profitable Months
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We’ve helped 10,000+ people learn how to start trading successful

Thousands have benefited from our free course, gaining essential skills and insights to kickstart their trading journey with confidence and success


Zero to Funded

Sarah's journey from overwhelmed novice to skilled trade. Sully's academy guides beginners and refines their skills to exceptional levels within a short period of time.

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5 Day Transformation

Novice to Independent

Daniel went from trading novice to confident pro in just five days with our academy's help. Now he's on track to pass prop firm funded accounts, aiming for $10,000 monthly earnings.

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Common Questions You Might Have?

How can I take Sully's Trades?

You'll need to have purchased the VIP membership to have access to Sully's trades. Once you do, you'll have access to the private discord channels where you can see his trade ideas before he takes them.

At what time can I trade with Sully?

Sully trades from 8:00 -12:00 GMT (LDN Session).

How do I watch Sully's Courses?

This is available to those with who purchase the VIP Membership.

Is the membership a monthly payment?

No, you can pay once and you'll get lifetime access to everything.

What is your refund policy?

Except when required by law, paid subscription fees are non-refundable. Sully's Academy LTD does not offer any refunds or returns for any and all purchased goods or services. All sales are final. Certain refund requests for subscriptions may be considered by Sully's Academy on a case-by-case basis and granted at the sole discretion of the company.